Jeff Kinne

About Me

Professional Blurb

I have been a (first assistant, now associate) professor of computer science at Indiana State University since the fall 2010 semester. I have been the program director for Computer Science since 2015. In 2016 I served as faculty fellow in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010; Dieter van Melkebeek was my advisor. I received bachelors degrees in computer science, mathematics, and Spanish from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My main research has traditionally been within algorithms and complexity theory. Much of my research has focused on the power of randomized algorithms and general-purpose methods to obtain efficient deterministic simulations of randomized algorithms. There has been interesting and beautiful work in this area since the late 1980's showing connections between derandomization, pseudorandom generators, circuit lower bounds, extractors, expander graphs, error-correcting codes, hardness amplification, etc.

Lately I have also been working in bioinformatics from two different perspective - the "theory" of analyzing the theoretical hardness of bioinformatics problems, and the "practical" perspective of developing software tools and analysis that are actually useful. For more about this research area, see a few of my recent papers.

I always find it surprising how many people obtain a Ph.D. and then leave academia for industry. I have always wanted to stay in academia for two main reasons: (i) to teach and assist people on their path to a career, and (ii) for the research freedom. For more of my thoughts on these, see my teaching page or my statement of teaching philosophy and my research publications.

Brief Personal Biography

My wife Devon and I are parents to some great children. Besides work and sleep, I spend much of the rest of my time with my family. I find it very rewarding and entertaining guiding the children on their journey through life - they are always learning something new (and often times I am learning or re-learning along with them).

You can get some idea for my personal interests by looking at the miscellaneous links that I have accumulated through the years. In addition to the typical big moments of my life (marriage, birth of children, graduations), some of my favorite moments/times from my life include: a month-long mission trip to Peru during high school, a month-long study abroad program in Rome, Italy during college, presenting my research in places like Bordeaux France, Berkeley California, and Sydney Australia, and completing a marathon with my sister and brother.