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Fake (The Onion | Eye of the Tiber | DuffelBlog)
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For my kids:
Arithmetic questions | Favorite Music Videos | Science Bowl Timer | Lullaby youtube
Multiplication game | Math Counts 2016 | CS principles | App Lap | Sketchpad | ABCya | Bitesize typing | Nitrotype
CGP Grey
Rubik's Cube
(white cross Ri U Fi Ui,
white corners Ri Di R D and Ri Di R,
middle clockwise U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F and counterclockwise Ui Li U L U F Ui Fi,
yellow cross none F U R Ui Ri Fi and corner three left upper F U R Ui Ri Fi and and line three across F R U Ri Ui Fi,
yellow corners R U Ri U R U U Ri [no corners left bottom side, one corner left bottom top, two corners left bottom front],
yellow corners fix Ri F Ri B B R Fi Ri B B R R Ui [correct two corners away, or left away to right near, or right away to left near],
yellow middle fix clockwise F F U L Ri F F Li R U F F and counterclockwise F F Ui L Ri F F Li R Ui F F [and if one correct have it away])

For me:
Non-public ( CS group minutes | CS schedule | Home repairs | scout roster )

Terre Haute & Indiana:
Saint Patrick (parish | school | cub scouts | science bowl)
ISU (university | CS | library | Hook Observatory)
Running/cycling - Wabash Valley Road Runners | Crossroads Half Marathon | 12 hour run | Triathlon | TH Cycling | National Heritage Trail
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Things to do - Public Library | Children's Museum | Clabber Girl | Swope Art Musuem
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Radio - Moment of Science | Science Friday | StarTalk
Magazines - Popular Science | National Geographic
Other - | Washington CSE Band | Encyclopedia of Life | Sci-Fi authors honor roll

Sky and Telescope
Heavens Above Terre Haute | Terre Haute Clear Sky Chart | Google Maps light pollution map | World Wide Telescope | 111 treasures for light-polluted skies (PDF) | Space Time Capsule

Information and Online:
Search/reference - Wikipedia | Khan Academy | Google Search | Internet Archive (classic games) | Merriam Webster Dictionary | Nationwide phone book
TV/Movies - PBS | USCCBOFB movie reviews | kids-in-mind
Other - Random Numbers | Virtual NES | Bill Busters (Cincinnati) | Plan to Eat
Radio Stations - KXT Dallas/Ft. Worth | WFIU Bloomgington
The rest are old links and in need of purging...

Old For Kids: - phonics, games, etc.
Computer Science Unplugged - Tutorials, etc. for teaching/learning CS
Paper airplanes: Alex's paper airplanes, Airplane collectible net resource, More Paper Airplanes
Science experiments/projects:, Energy Quest, Bill Nye (click Home Demos), Science Toy Maker
Other: NASA Videos, 2nd Grade Sciece FOSS, Fun to Type, Periodic Table Song (slower, with lyrics) Note: the song is great, but... The video has a picture for each element of something related to that element (e.g., lungs for oxygen). There is one picture I wouldn't have used - for silicon, the image is a cartoon drawing of someone where the implication is that they had silicone implants - which someone might need if they have a mastectomy after having cancer, but the cartoon picture is a little tasteless. I would just mention this before/during watching the video the first time. If it were me, I'd use sand for the picture since sand is mostly silicon dioxide (quartz). Or, don't watch it.

Running for Souls - Brian Kinne
Charity Navigator
Paul Lammermeier Foundation, St. Vincent de Paul Society, US Fund for UNICEF, American Cancer Society, United Way of America, March of Dimes, Shriners Hospitals, Food For The Poor, Partners in Health,

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Madison & Wisconsin:
weather, public library, UW Library, Wisconsin State Climatology, Madison Metro Transit, Dane County/Madison Airport, Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association (that was our neighbordhood)
Science in Madison: UW Space Place, UW Geology Museum, Ingersoll Physics Museum (UW), DC Smith Greenhouse (UW)