Jeff Kinne


Software Setup

Most of my courses involve installing the same set of software. See software and HW for instructions on which programs to install, and some hints/tips on commands to use on the unix/linux shell, and shortcuts to use in emacs. For some references and practice questions about C programming, see

Course Websites

Courses at UW-Madison

Importance of Teaching

Among the greatest passions of my life are teaching and learning. I greatly enjoy both. More importantly, teaching and learning are at the foundation of modern society. Could there be doctors or astronauts without teachers? Would we have computers, the Internet, modern medicine, industry, etc. without teaching and learning? Indeed, just about any profession - whether it be a so-called "high tech" profession, a trade, or an art - relies on teaching and learning.

It is only logical that excellent teachers are necessary to produce excellence in our workforce. I am committed to being an excellent teacher of computer science and mathematics. I primarily work to achieve this with the teaching I perform in the classroom. I also am interested in outreach opportunities to inspire a wider audience with the fascinating lessons of computer science and mathematics.


When I have a link to a teaching resource, organization, etc. that I want to remember, I usually dump it here...

National Organizations: Teach, Computing Research Association (CRA), Shodor (computational science), Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) , National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGSCE) , CACM: Education, MAA: Teaching and Learning

National Events: Computer Science Education Week, Mathematics Awareness Month, National Lab Day, Math Circles

UW Organizations/Events: Scientific Teaching, Delta Program, Teaching Academy, Teaching & Learning Symposium

Other Resources: Computer Science Unplugged, Teaching Complexity Theory (Goldreich), Khan Academy, Codepad, Udacity, Some cool math problems