Jeff Kinne

Theory Links

CCC Blog, Theory blog aggregator, Luca Trevisan, Lance Fortnow and Bill Gasarch, Jonathan Katz, Gil Kalai, Richard Lipton, Terry Tao, Noam Nisan, Oded Goldreich, Scott Aaronson, Michael Mitzenmacher

IAS, CACM videos, list from CS theory stack exchange, Theory of Computing: Lens of the Sciences, Google Tech Talks, Simons' Fdn. Visions, Reykjavik Youtube channel

TrueShelf, CS Theory Stack Exchange (algorithms from the book, major open questions, classic papers, videos, lecture notes), Complexity Zoo, Math Overflow, Math Stack Exchange, TCS cheat sheet, A Computational Introduction to Number Theory (Shoup)


Conferences and Workshops:
Conference on Computational Complexity (CCC), FOCS, STOC, CCC, RANDOM, STACS, ICALP, ..., Midwest Theory Day, ICS 2010

Other Online Papers/Events:
ECCC, SIGACT News Complexity Theory Column, BEATCS Complexity Theory Column, Center for Computational Intractability, UW-Madison Theory group, CACM Theory, SIGACT News, ACM Queue, ACM Ubiquity

Lecture Notes, Draft Texts, etc.:
Algorithms textbooks, Computer Science for the Information Age (Hopcroft, Kannan), Free online texts/drafts, Complexity Theory (Van Melkebeek), Complexity Theory (Cai), Complexity Theory: A Modern Approach (Arora and Barak), Computational Complexity: A Conceptual Perspective (Goldreich), Harmonic Analysis (Van Melkebeek), Expander Graphs (Van Melkebeek), PCP's and Hardness of Approximation (Van Melkebeek), A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra (Shoup), Pseudorandomness (Vadhan), Theorist's Toolkit (Arora), Concentration of Measure ... , Parameterized Complexity Theory (Flum and Grohe), Models of Computation: Exploring the Power of Computing (Savage)

Advocacy Groups, Retrospectives, Visions for the Future, etc.:
Theory Matters, ACM SIGACT, Visions for Theoretical Computer Science 2009 (PPT), Computational Complexity Since 1980 (PS, Impagliazzo), Hilbert's Problems, Knowledge, Creativity and P versus NP

For Fun:
A proof that the Halting Problem is undecidable, PhD Comics, xkcd comics, Math Genealogy (grapher, UW Theory Group professors' genealogy graph)