Jeff Kinne

Readme for Blog/Password

Blog Mailing List

I think some people haven't been checking my site because they never remember the login information. So I decided to create a mailing list that will always get the blog posts forwarded to it. If you want to be added to the mailing list, let me know. That way you don't even have to remember to check the site, and you'll get the latest on me and my family as soon as I put it up. You will still need to go through the website to access pictures and video.

Devon and I have set up her web-log so that her posts will also go to those on the mailing list. So if you're on the mailing list, you will get her posts as well.

Password Information

Some parts of this website (web-log) are password protected so that only friends and family can view them.

The password and username/id that are needed to access the protected parts of my website are the same as they always have been. When you are asked for the username or user id and a password, just put in the information that I have told you before.

If you do not know the username/id and password and would like to view the protected parts of my website, send me an email to let me know.